Adding Multiple Voice Files to Seesaw: A Powerful Student Support

As educators, we know the power of including audio and visual scaffolds for students. Seesaw is one of our core tools that makes this process simple. As many teachers have found, there is the ability to record captions on a Seesaw canvas page (appears at the bottom of the page), as well as record an audio file to the page using the microphone option.  

However, did you know that you can also add multiple, short audio files to a Seesaw activity page? In fact, you can record audio directly into different icons, images, or text boxes on the Seesaw canvas. This might be helpful if you have labels for an icon, or want students to be able to hear words or sounds aloud. In other words, rather than upload one audio file, you can segment your labels, translations, or directions into small chunks for your students to access while they are working. In the image of the Seesaw activity below, each word for the word sort has a short audio file that reads the word aloud. Students simply click on the volume icon to hear their teacher reading the word aloud, as many times as they need.

This feature might be helpful for learning activities such as:  

  • Phonics practice 
  • Word sorts 
  • Note-taking practice 
  • Visualizing during a story 
  • Reading a word problem or large numbers aloud 
  • Letter and numeral recognition (students matches number said aloud to written numeral)
  • A translation tool 
  • Vocabulary development 
  • Providing audio directions

And much, much more!


How do you add an audio file in Seesaw?

To add small voice captions, simply click on the three dots, and scroll down to add voice to record directly onto the word or icon.  

By clicking on the voice option in the drop-down menu, a recording will open right away. As long as your computer has a microphone enabled, you are all set to record! The green check mark will save the audio file to that icon or word.

Of course, if you plan to include audio that is a larger file, such as a read-aloud or a series of directions, consider uploading or recording one larger audio file.  

These audio supports are not only beneficial for our ELL, bilingual, or primary students, but are a wonderful support for all!  

Looking for more information about Seesaw’s audio capabilities?

You can learn more about adding audio files to Seesaw here.

To see an example of a Seesaw activity that includes audio supports for students, click here!  

As always, your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA are available to support you as you implement any of our core tools.

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