Canvas Submission Updates: Webcam & Reassign

Two new features have been made available in Canvas that you might have noticed. First is the option to reassign work to your students, the other (which you may not see on your end) is the ability for students to submit using their webcam.

Webcam Submissions

Students who have been trying to submit images of hardcopies of work have been working through several steps. Canvas’s new feature which allows students to access their webcam will simplify this process.

Teachers will want to create an online assignment that allows for file upload, students will then see the webcam option.

Students can submit more than one file or image as well by choosing “Add Another File.”

Submission Reassignment

Another new assignment feature is the option to reassign work to a student in Speedgrader.  Teachers can reassign an online assignment with a due date to an individual student and ask them to redo their submission. In order to use this feature, the teacher will need to make sure that the submission allows for multiple attempts and will need to provide feedback before seeing the reassign option. The reassignment does not change the original due date for the student.

The student will then see the reassigned work in their to-do list with the feedback.

Some notes to keep in mind

  • The Reassign Assignment button is not available for External Tools (LTI), on paper, and no submission assignments.
  • The Reassign Assignment button is only available for assignments with due dates.
  • If a teacher returns to SpeedGrader after navigating away from the page, the Reassign Assignment button shows that the assignment has been reassigned.
  • If the assignment’s settings do not allow students to make an additional attempt, the Reassign Assignment shows that the assignment is not able to be reassigned.
  • You are limited to reassign it again based on the number of “Attempts” you provide for the assignment (two attempts means you can reassign it 1 time).

For more support with Canvas, check with your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA and read our other blog posts.

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