Flipgrid’s Creative Updates

Flipgrid has some creative updates!

If you’re familiar with Flipgrid, you know that it is a platform that allows you to create projects with video, text, digital inking, and emojis. Now, there are even more tools to explore! This gives both teachers and students the ability to record simple videos, as well as much more complex projects.

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Here are a few highlights:

Whiteboard Feature

Flipgrid has a whiteboard and blackboard feature so that you can model annotation for students. Similarly, students can use this feature to record their own thinking. While filming, you can toggle back and forth between a regular video and the whiteboard feature for more comprehensive instruction. See a past blog post about this feature here.

Stop Motion Video

Stop motion video can be used to create fun, step-by-step videos by capturing a series of images. Think props, costumes, and/or character changes! Stop motion can be enabled by simply clicking and unclicking the pause button while recording your video.

Screen Sharing

When recording in Flipgrid, you have the option to share and record your screen! While teachers may be screen sharing in other platforms, this function offers students the possibility to share how they have created digital projects firsthand.

Arrow Stickers

Finally, Flipgrid has added more stickers! The new arrow stickers can be used to show diagrams, directions, and cycles in an eye-catching and (as always) hip way.

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Watch Flipgrid’s Update Video here!

As always, be sure to familiarize yourself with Flipgrid’s Terms of Use and Consent.

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