Field Notes – Kristie Bennett and the Importance of Creating Informal Spaces for Planning and Learning

We’re in the midst of some crazy times and we’re also in the midst of a radical shift in our teaching and learning. While this might seem like the time to keep our heads down and stay focused on taking the next right step, here at Bits & Pieces, we also recognize the importance of sharing and celebrating what is working with each other.

So we launched Field Notes: Stories from teachers about what is working. This is a new series of videos and reflections by teachers who are finding ways forward in the world of remote learning. We hope you will find a little time during your day to watch these and that they will help inform your practice along the way.

It’s important for us to not only listen to and learn from each other but also to celebrate the amazing work that y’all are doing.

In this episode, I am joined by Kristie Bennett who teaches Physics and Astronomy at Skyline High School. She has also been an Ed Tech Lead since the start of the program in 2015. We take a few minutes to discuss how she and the other science teachers are collaborating to recreate important labs digitally and also the importance of creating space for students and teachers to connect and interact informally (you know like we used to before COVID.)

What Kristie Has Been Reading

Good Omens Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Guiding quotes

From Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut and excellent Twitter follow:

“Once you understand the risk, and your mission – your sense of purpose – and your obligations, then take action.”

“They don’t have to be the things that you always did before. Take care of family, start a new project, learn to play guitar, study another language, read a book, write, create. It’s a chance to do something different that you’ve maybe not done before. And then repeat.”

You should also check out this awesome video of Hadfield singing Bowie on the ISS.

From Peggy Whitson, retired astronaut and former record holder for most time in space:

“So it is important to understand that bigger purpose and to embrace that purpose to give you reason and rationale for continuing to put up with the situation.”


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