Flipgrid “Shorts” – Share Beyond the Grid!

What is a Short?

A Short is a video (up to ten minutes) available to all educators with a Flipgrid account that you can share beyond the Grid!

You can find Shorts located in the top right corner of your educator account. Unlike traditional Flipgrid videos, Shorts are not housed in a particular “Grid” but are compiled in a separate section. You decide if, when, and how to share Shorts with your students or a larger community. Shorts are shared easily to anyone with a link. Therefore, this feature is available only to educators (not students). Even if your students are not using Flipgrid yet, Shorts are a powerful teaching tool!

Read more about Flipgrid’s Shorts here!

Flipgrid Shorts

Why Create a Short?

A Short is easy to create. As a teacher, you can use Shorts to read aloud, provide a graphic organizer framework, model a math concept using the whiteboard features, send announcements, and much more!

flipgrid short 2

Using the Whiteboard Feature

Like traditional Flipgrid videos, Shorts include a whiteboard feature so that you can model for students! You can either annotate your image live while you record your Short, or you can pre-annotate your image and record your voice afterwards. To do this, complete these steps:

  1. Upload your image
  2. Annotate the image as desired
  3. “Clear” the annotations
  4. Begin your recording
  5. As you are speaking, click “Re-do” one-by-one to bring up your annotations

Check out the examples below, all of which use the whiteboard feature:

Story Elements

Repeated Addition Example

Annotating a Poem for Rhyme

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