Embed Learning Checks into Stream Videos

When I was growing up there was great anxiety about the so-called idiot-box (aka TV) and how it put viewers into a total passive consumptive state (not saying I disagree.)

The argument was that all you did was watch and that there wasn’t really an interaction and or active participation.

Well now we find ourselves in a place where we are relying on video to cover much of our instruction and a large balance of student’s learning.

Asynchronous videos are great and all but it can be hard to know exactly how much your students are getting from them.

With Stream, checking in on what students are learning is a little bit easier thanks to a nifty integration with Microsoft Forms.

Microsoft Stream lets you embed a form in your video and will automatically display it inside the video player so that a viewer can answer right there before the video starts up again.

Additionally, you can place the forms throughout the video and not just at the beginning or end.

It’s a pretty great way to do learning checks and get your students engaged with the content of the video, even if they are just sitting on the couch watching a video.


Add a form to a video

  1. In Stream, on the My Content menu, click Videos, and select the video.
  2. On the Interactivity tab, click +Add New.

    Stream video Interactivity tab ready to add a new form

  3. To create the form in Forms, click the tool tip next to Form URL, and then click Go to Microsoft Forms.

    Stream video Interactivity tab showing tooltip for Form URL

    The form opens in a new browser tab.

  4. In the new browser tab displaying Forms. create a new form:
    • If this is the first time you’re using Microsoft Forms, click Get Started, sign in, and then click Create a new form.
    • If you have used Forms before, select New Form or New Quiz.
  5. Create your form by giving it a title, adding questions, selecting a theme, and selecting settings such as customizing a thank you message and getting an email notification for responses.

    For help creating a form, see Create a new formCreate a new quiz, and Format a form.

    Microsoft Forms screen for form settings

  6. When you’re done creating your form (the form saves automatically), click Share, and then click Copy to copy the URL of the form.

    Microsoft Forms screen for getting the URL of the form to copy to Stream

  7. Return to the browser tab with your Stream video, and paste the URL you just copied into the Form URL text box.

    Interactivity tab showing where to paste the URL

  8. Name your form. You can use a different name in Stream than you do in Forms.
  9. Verify that you have the form in the right place in the video. You adjust this by dragging the play head to the new location.

    Timeline showing dragging the playhead

  10. Click Add to timeline.

    The Interactivity tab shows the new form.

    Stream video Interactivity tab showing a new form called Feedback

Review and share form responses

  1. In Forms, click Forms at the top of the page to go to the Forms home page.
  2. On the My forms tab, select the form.
  3. Click the Responses tab.

    For more information about viewing responses, see Check your form results or Check your quiz results.

  4. To publish summary information:

    a. Click the More icon More icon under the response summary, and then click Create a summary link.

    b. To get the URL, click Copy.

    c. Share this link with people who need to see the results.

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