Meeting Options, I forgot to change it!

Has your meeting started with all your lovely kiddos and you realize you forgot to change the presentation options? Are students randomly muting one another or worse you? The quick fix to changing meeting options while in the meeting is here!

First you will need to open the participants window from your Teams taskbar:

teams taskbar

Then in the upper right corner choose the following icon:

teams meeting participant box close up of options

This will bring you back to the meeting options settings, you can now change from everyone can present to only me!

teams meeting options page

It’s an easy step to forget when creating your meeting, so thankfully there is a quick fix while you are in the meeting that should not take more than a minute to resolve! So take back control of that meeting with this quick options fix.

Just a reminder that by setting students as an attendee you limit them to the option of muting/unmuting only themselves and pinning someone to their own view. This eliminates their ability to record a meeting, mute others, remove others from the meeting and more. Here is a visual to support what a presenter can do versus an attendee:

roles in a team meeting checklist

Click the image to learn more about roles in a Teams meeting from Microsoft.

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