KidCitizen: Explore Primary Sources with Technology!

Monday is a national celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Are you looking for ways to celebrate history with your students in ways that promote inquiry-based learning?

KidCitizen offers opportunities for elementary students to explore primary source documents and make connections to their own lives by seeing, thinking, and wondering.


In partnership with images from the Library of Congress, KidCitizen is a bank of interactive episodes featuring primary source documents, guided narration, and thought-provoking questions in a short learning episode. Done individually or in small or whole group setting, students will be asked to stop, collect evidence, and discuss their findings throughout.

A new episode of interest features Rosa Parks. In the interactive episode, students are invited to learn analyze a greeting card to learn about Rosa Parks and the traditions that her family celebrated.

rosa parks

KidCitizen features episodes on topics such as national parks, nonviolent protests, community citizenship, and other connected topics! Spanish language versions will be available soon! No accounts or login information is collected, making this resource easily accessible.

Check it out!


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