Microsoft Inclusive Math Tools

One Note (Class Notebook) offers several inclusive features to support student learning including  Math Tools. This inclusive feature allows students to solve math problems, see how the problem was solved, graph the problem, and interact with the graph. They can also create their own practice quiz, use the Immersive Reader tool to read the problem aloud, and replay their problem-solving steps.

math icon  The math tools feature is located under Draw. From here students have the option of drawing a problem with the pen tool (then lasso it) or typing one in. Once they have the problem written, they can choose the Math tools icon to bring up the additional math functions. This could include solving the problem, graphing, or changing and interacting with the graph.

In addition to these features, a student can have a problem and steps read aloud with Immersive Reader, create a practice using Microsoft Forms, and even replay their work from the “View” menu.

Teacher options do include the ability to replay the student’s work to see their problem-solving process, creating Form quizzes, and turning off the math tools feature when giving a quiz or a test. This is a right-click option on the math tools icon and can be set by time and option.

Make sure to watch the video to learn more about using the inclusive math tool feature and the BNP for more tips and tricks in Office 365.

Office 365 core tools logo

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