Sway it!

Sway is a digital presentation and storytelling tool that can be used as an alternative to PowerPoint. Since it is an app, it is available across platforms and we have free access to it with our Office 365 accounts!
Sway is meant to make it easier and quicker to communicate information. Unlike PowerPoint, Sway is designed to be interactive and plays out as a continuous page of information. 
Sway works to optimize the process by helping format it in a way that is cohesive, as well as allowing the user to pull from online sources instead of having to create their own visual content to upload.
It has some really cool features that make it interactive. I can see this as a way to have students do self-guided notes. The photo stack is great for this (seen below). Students could also use it to summarize research or present an argument that you can embed into a classroom webpage.
It’s definitely an adjustment to change from PowerPoint to Sway. They can serve the same purpose, but Sway really streamlines the process. If you want to give it a try, Sway does allow for you to import an existing Word, PDF, or PowerPoint file that will be converted to the Sway format! Microsoft made a short video sharing what they see as uses for Sway:


Thank you for the guest post from Kristie Bennett at Skyline High School.

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