Using Seesaw to Differentiate in Math

Here is another way to offer differentiated opportunities for your students during math while incorporating technology at the same time!

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio where students can create, reflect, share, and collaborate to “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings and text.

Seesaw and Eureka Math Ideas:

Fluency – Have students record themselves modeling Happy Counting as if they were the  teacher.  Other students can watch the video and count along.  Or have students make up a count by song.

Application Problem – Have students take a picture of their RDW work on their white board and record a voice over explaining how she/he solved the problem.  Other students can type specific feedback below the student’s work explaining how his/her work is the same or different.

Problem Set – During a math rotation, have students record a video of themselves explaining how they solved a particular problem.  Other students can view the video to compare or “check” their own work.

Debrief – Select a question from the debrief section in the Teacher’s Manual and have students type a response to the question.

Students can show their understanding of the same concept in different ways (3rd grade examples):

Student example comparing fractions with drawing and voiceover

Student example comparing fractions with picture and text

Student example explaining fractions as a whole number with a picture and labels

Student example explaining fractions as a whole number with a video (Level 1 ELL)

Seesaw also provides an Activity Library with pre-made activities that you can share out to students (all grades and content areas).

Seesaw is already set up with your class list and students can start using the program right away!  All they need is your class code (no special username or password to remember!)  You can also opt to connect families to their child’s portfolio so they can view their child’s work.


Reach out to your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA if you would like personalized support.


  1. Is there a middle school alternative?


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