Using Zearn to Differentiate Math

Zearn is an online, K-5 math program based on Eureka Math that can be used to provide differentiated instructional support and student practice in the classroom and/or at home.  Students access Zearn via Clever.

With Zearn, students work on a computer to complete independent digital lessons that include fluency practice, an interactive concept development mini lesson and a take on the exit ticket called the Tower of Power.

In the classroom, you can use Zearn in a variety of ways to differentiate instructional support for your students:

  • as a pre-teaching tool prior to the whole class concept development lesson for students who might need more processing time, those acquiring English or students who may have missed a prior lesson;
  • as a method for reteaching students who didn’t adequately demonstrate understanding on the class exit ticket;
  • as a choice to allow quick processors to work independently on the current content at their own pace.

Some teachers use Zearn as a math rotation station, while others might have their whole class use Zearn for 10-15 minutes a few times a week (especially during those small chunks of time before or after specialists/recess/lunch/end of day).  Others simply have students engage with Zearn at home.

Using Zearn reports, teachers can monitor student progress and receive alerts to identify students who are struggling.

Students can access Zearn from school and home, via Clever (not directly via Zearn’s website).  If you would like support with using Zearn in the classroom, reach out to your Instructional Coach or Rowena Duane (Elementary Math/Instructional Technology TOSA).

Explore more Zearn teacher resources here.  A Zearn overview video can be viewed here.

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