ABC’s of Microsoft Forms


Are you ready to try Forms? It is a great way to digitize and grade a quiz, survey or poll students, or even create a submission for gathering digital projects or work. Here are some of the ABC’s of Microsoft Forms:

A: Add a picture or logo to format your header and theme.
B: Branching options are available under the ellipses menu for question relevant Q&A.
C: Create a form or quiz in OneNote, Excel, or Teams.
D: Decide who can respond to your form, someone from your organization or anyone with the link.
E: Embed a from in your Sway or PowerPoint presentation.
F: Flip your class with forms by including videos and quizzes for homework.
G: Generate templates of your favorite forms to share with others or reuse in the future.
H: Have students submit their digital work via links in a form.
I: Invite others to respond from their mobile device or web browser.
J: Just let forms do the grading for you with auto-graded quizzes.
K: Keep students engaged with embedded videos and higher level thinking questions.
L: Limit the responses to one only with just a click in settings.
M: Move questions up or down to reorganize your form.
N: Notify respondents once they submit with an auto email.
O: Open with Windows 10 Take a Test app (when installed).
P: Pick a picture to add to your question.
Q: Quickly create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations, submissions, and more.
R: Review answers and post scores from the Responses tab of your quiz.
S: Send and collect responses in a variety of ways including email, link or QR code.
T: Transform your form by selecting a new theme.
U: Use built-in analytics to evaluate responses.
V: View results by a participant as they come in.
W: Work together with your colleagues to collaborate on a form or share it as a template.
X: Export the data to Excel for analysis, grading, graphing, and further management of data.
Y: You can shuffle question options to eliminate neighborly glances on a quiz.
Z: Zero in on student data with colorful charts and graphics available in responses.

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