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Have you logged into Actively Learn lately? There were some interface changes as of August including an updated Workspace, a search feature for navigating your content and the Actively Learn content, importing options including Google Docs and PDFs, a new options menu (three dots) for editing and updating current assignments, as well as the ability to assign and duplicate content. They have also created the ability to print an assignment with the options of summary or even a copy of the assignment with embedded questions and notes.  Check out the Actively Learn website for more on how to use the updated features.

Independent Reading: 

Also, recently added to Actively Learn is the independent reading library. Encourage your students to find articles of interest, short stories, even novels and read via Actively Learn. Even add content to your own library for reading with the new ability to add yourself to your own class. Some articles will direct students to an external link for the content and they do not include embedded questions like a typical assignment. Content is searchable by grade level or topics and suggested reading is refreshed regularly. Topics are not specific to content classes but include choices such as Art, Culture, and Did You Know? Consider making this a class challenge with an article a day or pages per week to engage students in personal choice reading.

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