Classkick: Giving Feedback in Real Time

Classkick is an app that shows teachers what students are doing in real time, allowing them to receive help instantly and for teachers to offer immediate support to students. Within Classkick, there are also options to share assignments with your team – making collaboration a breeze.

What is Classkick?

In Classkick, you can view your roster at any time (students can sign up easily with a class code), as well as any completed assignments (organized by student). Students can raise a virtual hand in the app as they work through assignments and have questions. As the teacher, you can then view where students “raised a hand” as well as assign points to each assignment slide. This feedback and/or support can then be given instantaneously to students as they continue to work on their own devices, at their own speed. To demonstrate their learning, students can type into text boxes, use and manipulate font, draw, and record audio.

classkick assignment view.PNG

Interested in trying Classkick, but aren’t sure where to start?

Exit tickets are a great way to begin using Classkick, and there are multiple templates built in to the app to choose from that you can edit/personalize with ease. If students share devices in your classroom, try a collaborative exit ticket! As students complete the task, you would then see the exit slip and be able to provide quick comments and feedback. In addition, there is a bank of other assignments that range in grade level and content area, and teachers can create/upload their own assignments. classkick exit slip template

Interested in learning more?

There’s a Classkick course on Kyte.

There are also Classkick tutorials.

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