Seesaw Activities Library & Activity Sharing

Seesaw is a great tool for students to digitally document their learning in a variety of ways such as by using photos, videos, voice recordings, file uploads, and even drawings.  Seesaw recently introduced something called “Activities” which enabled teachers to create assignments within Seesaw for their students to complete and post.  This new Activities Feature became so popular that Seesaw , after listening to teacher feedback has now rolled out two new related features.

Seesaw Activity Library

The new and improved Activity Library contains thousands of activities created not only by Seesaw but also by teachers.  This library is easily searchable by content area and grade level.  If you like an activity you can tap the heart icon on the Activity tile which saves it into your personal Activity Library. Once you save it you can use it as is, or edit it to your specific needs and liking.  There is also an option to organize your saved activities into collections that you create (part of the Seesaw for Schools premium feature).

Seesaw Activities Collections

Activity Sharing

The other new feature introduced with the Seesaw activity library is the improved Activity Sharing. To make the workflow easier for teachers, you can now share activities to multiple classes with just one click.  Before this, a teacher would have to manually open each class one at a time to assign an activity to those students.  Now, when you go into the Activities tab in Seesaw you can choose one, two, three, or all classes you want to share with.  Also, you can chose to share your activity with other teachers which will make you the favorite among your teacher colleagues.

Activities Sharing

This is such a great addition to an already powerful tool.  Seesaw Activities is a game changer.  And the new Activities Library makes it so easy to find, create, organize and share with others.  To learn more about Activities and the new Activity Library, check out these links on the Seesaw Help website.  Way to go Seesaw!

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