Introducing Tool Bits

Tool Bits Green - Overview

This week, we are starting a new (and hopefully useful) type of post here on The BNP.

We are calling them Tool Bits.

Tool Bits will be short, bite-size posts that detail how to use a tech tool. These won’t tell you all the ways you can use the tool, instead we will focus on one feature or application of the tool. Our hope is that this will give insights into new ways to use these tools and also feel manageable in terms of implementation.

We also want Tool Bits to be something that keeps you coming back for more. To help with that we are going to be posting on a regular schedule so that you can know when to find our latest bit on your favorite tool (see the schedule below.)

Finally, for each tool we will collect all of the Tool Bits in one place so that you can explore what you’ve missed when you’re ready for something more. Click on the patch of your favorite tool to see what we have already written about it.

Tool Bits Schedule

Each tool will a post once every fortnight on the following days:

OneDrive Every other Tuesday
Core Tools Every other Wednesday
Teams Every other Thursday
Actively Learn Every other Friday
Office 365 Every other Monday
Seesaw Every other Wednesday
Class Notebook Every other Friday


Tool Bits Tool Links

OneDrive Top heavy     Core Tools patch cropped frosty     Teams patch     Actively Learn Patch Cropped Frosty

Office 365 Patch Cropped Frosty          SeeSaw Patch Cropped Frosty          Class Notebook Patch.png

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