STEM Credit for Tech Kickoff

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s Tech Kickoff will provide up to six STEM clock hours.

Teachers certified with K-8, secondary math and science, technology, and/or CTE endorsements must earn 15 STEM clock hours to renew their teaching credentials beginning in 2019. Additional information is available on the OSPI website,


Tech Kick Off will begin with a keynote from Kiki Prottsman,  the K-5 CurriculuDevelopment Manager at and a former computer science instructor at the University of Oregon. A champion for responsible computing and equity in both CS employment and education, Kiki works with organizations to improve the experience of girls and women in STEM. She will help us explore the current status of Computer Science education in the Issaquah School District and provide ways that ALL teachers can help promote computer science for underrepresented populations. 

In addition to the keynote speaker, our launch session will include Ed Tech department updates and the chance to win some exciting prizes.

Sign up for your Tech Kickoff sessions now!

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