Disney’s Moana joins Hour of Code

This year Disney’s Moana joins Hour of Code with a drag and drop visual tutorial great for ages 8 and up. The self-paced tutorial does require some reading, and is available in 23 languages. The introductory video sets the stage and challenges participants to help Moana and her team discover the new world of coding, and to help defeat the Kakamora on their journey!


For a complete list of Hour of Code tutorials,  go to the Code.org website and select options that suit your needs using the FILTER BY categories available this year.

If you do not have technology in your classroom you may still participate with Moana, Disney published some great handouts to help you teach loops and conditionals in an engaging way that does not require any tech. See pages 44-47 of the workshop guide.

23 lang.PNG

On the Moana tutorial, you have the option of selecting different languages at the left bottom corner of the screen. 


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