Renewing your Teaching Cert?

Did you know that OSPI has released new STEM requirements for renewing your teaching certifications?  Soon, OSPI will require that certain teachers participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professional development as part of the renewal process.

WHO does it affect? 

Teachers with the following endorsements.

  • Elementary Education (K-8) endorsement
  • Early Childhood Education (P-3) endorsement
  • Mathematics (5-12) wonka
  • Middle Level Math (4-9)
  • Middle Level Science (4-9)
  • Science (5-12)
  • Designated Sciences (5-12): Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Physics
  • Technology Education
  • CTE Teachers

WHAT are the new requirements?

If you are renewing a certification with one of the endorsements above, your renewal application must document at least 15 clock hours of professional development with an emphasis on STEM.  This means that the professional development must integrate a combination of at least 2 of the following: science, technology, engineering, mathematics.   

Some examples of applicable professional development could include

  • Attending a STEM workshop at a conference
  • Collaborating with a math, science, technology, or CTE teacher to implement a project integrating science and technology or math and technology or a design challenge that uses math and science.
  • Participating in professional development offered by the Issaquah School District or other educational organizations that demonstrates the integration of STEM


With careers in the STEM fields becoming increasingly important and in high demand, the intent is for teachers to incorporate STEM activities authentically with students in their classrooms.

WHEN does this take effect?
This change will affect renewals starting in 2019.



Find answers and more information at the State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board.

Just wait until the STEAM requirements arrive….

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