Tech Hours Tracker

Tech Hours Tracker

Have you ever shown up to a tech training and been unsure whether to sign the pink or the blue comp form?

With all the ways to access dollars for tech training, it’s a complicated question to be sure.

To help make sure you get paid and hopefully avoid extra paper work, you can always check your hours here.

Remember, every certificated teacher can get paid at per diem for up to six hours of tech training (if that’s you, sign the pink form.) When you have used up your six hours, you can still get paid at the In-Service rate (sign the blue form.

We’ve also posted a direct link to the Tech Hours Tracker under the About Tab on the Bits & Pieces menu (click the three lines at the top of the page.)

  1. […] Come learn about using the powerful tools that Office 365 has to offer. The class will be taught by Becky Keene a Microsoft Expert Educator, and general tech extraordinaire. This class is eligible for tech pay. […]



  2. […] paid for learning about OneNote. Read up about the requirements around Atomic Learning here and here, and check how many tech hours you’ve used up […]



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