Ed Tech Tours – Practical uses of Padlet in the Classroom


Have you tried Padlet yet?

If you haven’t, Padlet is a free virtual website that works on any device.  Students can post comments, files, pictures, and video on a virtual corkboard.  A padlet takes just a few minutes to set up and can enhance student discussion and collaboration.

The two articles linked below offer practical ways for teachers to use padlet in their classroom.

In the Free Technology for Teachers blog, Richard Byrne describes 5 ways low-prep ways to use Padlet, including as a KWL chart.  Using the virtual website allows you to keep a permanent record that can be referred to again and again, and is easy for shy students, ELL students, and struggling students to contribute.

The Education World article describes 5 additional ways a teacher could use Padlet in the classroom.  I love using it for book or article reviews.  Students can post favorite quotations, summaries, ask questions, describe key details, post relevant pictures, etc.

Padlet Tour from Tech Tosa


Intrigued yet?  One final thought – Carrie Reckling describes how she uses Padlet in the New Tools podcast, and she also mentions a similar technology tool, lino, that offers some different features, including different colors of “sticky notes”.

Do you have a unique or effective way you use either of these tools?  If so, please leave a comment and let us know!


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