Learn About ITP

ITP 2016 Launch Banner 11Applications for the 2016-2017 ITP sessions will be available starting November 25th.

In order to help interested teachers prepare the best application possible, Ed Tech will be hosting ITP Launch. ITP Launch is a chance for teachers to come hear about ITP, ask questions about the application process and look at what makes a good application.

Attendees will be able to preview the applications before they go live on November 25. Additionally, attendees will score sample answers to one the questions with the rubric used by ITP application scorers.

We want as many teachers as possible to put in the best application possible, so please come learn how.

In order to accommodate the variety of schedules, we will run two sessions on, Tuesday, November 24th.

The first session will be from 3:15 – 4 and the second session from 4:15- 5. Both sessions will take place in Boardroom A at the Ad Building.

If you are unfamiliar with ITP, please read about it here or just ask around.

  1. I see times, but no date or place for the Launch meeting.



    1. Amy, the meetings will take place in the boardroom at the Ad Building.



      1. Date?


      2. 11/24 (says in the graphic, but I also added it to the text:) Sorry for the confusion.


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