Starting this year, teachers now have an additional resource to help with integrating technology into instruction.

Each building now has an Ed Tech Lead. Ed Tech Leads are staff who have demonstrated leadership and vision in using technology to support and develop their instruction and student learning. If you have questions or ideas about how district technology can be used to enhance learning in your classroom, your building’s Ed Tech Lead is an excellent resource to consult. Additionally, your Ed Tech Lead will be working closely with the Ed Tech TOSAs to identify the technology needs of your building and craft a plan to offer support and professional development opportunities.

As in the past, Building Tech Specialists will be there to help make sure the hardware and software in your building is working and ready to use. Meanwhile, Ed Tech Leads are available to help you learn how to use those tools to best support your instruction and grow your use of technology in the classroom.

Ed Tech Leads recently sent out a survey, and are meeting with teachers to help them create and tailor the support to meet each building’s needs. Please take time to complete the survey and share how Ed Tech Leads and the Ed Tech Department can best support you.

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