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What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a student portfolio tool that allows teachers and students to collect, create and share student work in an easy and familiar (if you use social media) manner.

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Seesaw allows teachers to create a class which gives each student their own multimedia journal (think of your news feed in Facebook) which is stored in the cloud. Both students and teachers can add evidence of their learning to this journal. Students can snap a picture or take a video, draw, or record their own voice. And the full screen creative canvas adds endless possibilities to create and reflect on student learning. Teachers can comment as a way to give feedback (they can also enable student commenting.)

New Seesaw Creative Canvas (2)

Teachers can also invite parents to view the individual student journals which gives them a window into the work and progress of their child. There is an Android and iOS  family app that enables parents to get real-time notifications, while also able to get notified through email or text message.

How do I access Seesaw?

Visit Seesaw through its web portal or download the app (android || iOS)

How do I log into Seesaw?

With Seesaw for Schools (premium version of Seesaw for schools and districts) our K-5 teachers have accounts  and classes created for them.  Using a district email address as the username and choosing a user defined password will allow access to the seesaw classes.

At the secondary level (6-12), a first time Seesaw user will need to choose Sign-Up and then click I’m a teacher. Create your account using your ISD email address.

Username: ISD email address (example:

Password: User defined

Helpful Hints

In addition to the learning journals, Seesaw has an Activity Library, that lets teachers easily get and share activities made by other users. In Seesaw, click the Activities button in the right panel and then click Browse Activity Library.

Seesaw Activity Library


Getting Started with Seesaw

Seesaw Help Center

Seesaw for Parents

Where can I get help if I want to use Seesaw in my Classroom?

You can also learn more about Seesaw and other applications by taking an online Kyle Learning course or you can contact any of the Instructional Technology Specialists in the Ed Tech department as well. We are here to help.