Canvas, New Quizzes Updates

New Quizzes in Canvas go through waves of updates and the newest ones have hit this September. Some of them are very exciting and we want to make sure to highlight them here.

Setting option – Build on last attempt

When you are enabling the option for multiple attempts, you can now choose “Enable build on last attempt.” This will then let the student see incorrect responses and fix just the ones that they missed rather than retaking the entire quiz.

Teachers might also choose to require time between attempts or limit the amount attempts.

Improved Item Analysis Report

After giving a New Quiz, you have the ability to access reports which includes a new version of the Quiz and Item Analysis. These are generated “on demand” whereas in the past it could take up to 48 hours for report data to be available.

Quiz data is available as a quiz summary or individual item analysis.

Check the Canvas guide, New Quizzes Quiz and Item Analysis for more on the data you can access in the report.

Other New Quizzes Updates

Export Content – You can now export your quiz from the Build page and it creates a QTI file of the quiz. This can be saved and imported into any Canvas course.

Share Item Bank with Course – When using and managing Item Banks (these are New Quizzes specific) you can check the option to share it with a specific course. This update allows teachers to know if an Item Bank is shared with the current course, as well as share Item Banks with the course from the Item Banks page or tray.

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