Turnitin – New Process for Canvas Integration

For schools that have opted in to using Turnitin and have purchased the access, there is a new way to create assignments using Turnitin within the Canvas system. Please see video and screenshots below for a step by step process. There are two ways to utilize Turnitin with Canvas, both options listed below.

Option 1 – Feedback is mostly given/viewed within Turnitin Feedback Studio

Option 2- Feedback is mostly given/viewed within Canvas Speedgrader

See full details of the two options below.

Option 1 – Feedback within Turnitin Feedback Studio

Creating a New Turn It In Assignment

Starting from the assignments tab on the navigation bar, click on the 3 dots next to the blue “+ Assignment” tab, and then select Turnitin.

This will open a Turnitin tool window, where assignment settings and details may be customized. Be sure to note some important settings under the “optional settings” which includes items like allowing late work and adding a rubric. Click submit when complete. The assignment that was created will now appear in the assignment list and will have access to the Turnitin tools.

Adding Turnitin to an Existing Assignment

In order to add Turnitin to an existing assignment, you will need to copy/paste in the URL listed below:


From the assignments tab, click on the assignment that you would like to edit, and then click on “edit settings”. Scroll down to the “submission type” of the settings, and choose “external tool”. Paste in the URL listed above, scroll down and click save.

Once saved, the assignment will now have access to the Turnitin tools for students and teachers.

Option 2 – Feedback given within Canvas Speedgrader

  • Open a Canvas Assignment
  • Select online assignment type
  • To add Turnitin, find the Plagiarism Review option and select “Turnitin LTI 2”

Options to consider:

  • Storing submissions
  • Comparison options
  • Exclusions for similarity report
  • Enabling grammar check with ETS (Turnitin’s Feedback Studio grammar and spelling check)
    • Additional options are available if selected
  • When to have students see the report

Note – You may choose to save the options as your default setting.

Viewing & Grading

You can access assignment submissions in Speedgrader and will have the ability to see the similarity report and click on it to launch the paper in Turnitin’s Feedback Studio. Students have the same color icon in their gradebook and can also view feedback from both Feedback Studio and Speedgrader. 


Watch it in Action – Video How To


Click here to access resources within the Canvas 101 for Teachers course for Turnitin, which detail both options.

For additional support, please reach out to your building Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA.

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