Leveraging Book Creator: Universal Design for Learning 

As part of Universal Design for Learning, we want to highlight the many ways that students can engage with reading and writing. After all, reading also includes text, audio, images, and video (not just printed text) and we want students to have exposure interacting with all of these digital tools.  

For students where writing is a barrier, the speech-to-text functions offered by Book Creator can be a game changer. Book Creator also offers an Open Dyslexic font that teachers can use to provide greater accessibility to students.  

Teachers can use Book Creator to share interactive journals and graphic organizers, create class books (such as a recipe book or counting book), provide choice boards for students, offer creative opportunities for writing, and many more.  

To see more examples, check out this blog post by Book Creator (bonus: Book Creator chose to highlight our ISD reading response templates!). 

Reading Response Notebook Templates

Check out the new Book Creator Reading Response Notebooks for grades K-5! Because these templates incorporate all of Book Creator’s accessibility (text, images, audio, and video), they are a wonderful way to provide opportunities for students to choose how to represent their thinking. Each reading notebook can be remixed to save to your own library, and then edited to suit your particular needs! 

These templates are not curriculum-specific but are meant to support general reading comprehension strategies that could be applied to any text. There are templates for the following topics: 

K-2 Notebooks:  

  • Retelling  
  • Making Connections  
  • Text Features  
  • Visualizing  

3-5 Notebooks:  

  • Inferences  
  • Point of View  
  • Synthesizing 

To access these notebooks, please visit our online library by clicking HERE. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Ed Tech TOSA for ideas or support.  

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