Canvas Gradebook Improvements Jan 2022

They are listening! That is what I have to say about the Canvas Instructure team. This month there are two significant changes in the Gradebook that many teachers will want to send kudos their way.

Gradebook Split Name Columns

First, teachers can now view their gradebook with student names separated into First and Last name options. In order to enable this, open your grades tab in Canvas and click on “View” and then choose “Split Student Names.”

This will then change the view from first and last in one column to separate columns as shown below.

This change will also follow through into gradebook exports and be visible in the excel (csv) file.

This change will make sorting a little easier for teachers, but on to the more significant change…

Gradebook Missing Status Removal

Many of our teachers have struggled with collecting both online assignments and paper assignments in order to best support our students. Removing the missing tag for work collected on-paper can prove to be a pain with multiple clicks. We appreciate you working with all of our students and multiple modes of submission and making all those clicks on their behalf.

Canvas has been listening and have now made it that when you enter a score manually into an assignment, the missing tag will automatically be removed. Yes, it will magically disappear without any extra clicks from you!

Please note, that while it will no longer have the missing status attached to the assignment, if the student handed the work in on paper for an online submission assignment, the assignment will still show in the student’s to-do list. They will need to remove it from the to-do list, or if you offer a text-box option, they can note that they handed it in. This will then remove the to-do list item.

These are the newest Canvas Gradebook developments. We have a few other honorable mentions for January improvements including Canvas New Quizzes allowing for partial credit on matching questions and Speedgrader notifying you if you did not save a comment. As always, we will try our best to keep you informed of changes and updates happening in Canvas.

Please contact your Ed Tech TOSA or Ed Tech Lead with further questions.

  1. Put the “Can” in Canvas!



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