Canvas Import Improvements

During term transitions, you will likely use the import (or copy-to) feature. You might use this regularly to move content from your sandbox to your course. Canvas has updated the import and copy-to feature to include a warning when you are duplicating content. Here is what to look for:

The warning is a wonderful addition as duplicating your content will overwrite the current content in your course. For example, if you had imported a quiz, edited it, maybe even given it to students and then accidentally imported it again it could then wipe out all your changes, student scores, etc.

Speaking of import features, when you import your course shell into a new terms course your late policies would not import with it…well, thank you Canvas, now those settings can be imported as well.

According to Canvas, “When course content is exported into an export package, the Gradebook Late Policy is included in the export. Additionally, if the course is imported or copied to another Canvas course, the Late Policy is also retained as part of the import or copy.”

This will be great news for term transitions. For more on any of the Canvas features, please contact your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA.

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