Canvas Quiz Logs & Data Analysis

Canvas quiz logs was recently enabled and offers an insightful look at how students are interacting with quizzes that you are giving in your course.

Canvas has designed the quiz log to help identify problems that may arise during a quiz and help you have a more meaningful look at your quiz data. As they state, “This feature is designed to help you investigate problems that a student may have in the quiz and gain insight into your quiz questions. Quiz logs are not intended to validate academic integrity or identify cheating for a quiz (“How do I view a quiz log for a student?”).

To access a quiz log navigate to your quizzes and open the quiz you would like to view. From the 3 more dots options, select “Show Student Quiz Results.” Choose a student and click on “View Log.” You will see a detailed overview of when the quiz was started, when the student viewed questions, answered questions, stopped viewing the quiz, resumed the quiz, and submitted the quiz.

While this feature can be helpful in understanding what is happening during quizzes, we do not recommend relying it as a cheating detection or replacing monitoring students taking online quizzes. You do have to click on individual students to access the action log. For more on using Quiz Logs, please read the Canvas Guide How do I view a quiz log for a student?

If quiz data is your jam and you want more specific data, consider using Quiz Statistics, which has the ability to download all student analysis data and an item analysis. It also breaks down each question!

As always, your tech team is here to support you, so contact your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA for questions.

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