Bulk Edit Assignment Due Dates in Canvas

You have successfully imported your course and even adjusted the due dates, but they are not quite right. Or perhaps you removed the due dates. There is a quick and efficient way to adjust due days or remove them altogether.

First, navigate to your course and then Assignments. From there select the 3 “more options” dots in the upper right corner and choose “Edit Assignment Dates.”

You will now have the option to edit your assignment due dates. You might choose to select multiple and then make a “batch edit” change, or individually adjust due dates.

When choosing multiple assignments to batch edit, you can shift the due date, or simply remove the due dates. When removing the due dates you have the choice to include both removal of due dates and availability dates.

Once you make your adjustments, click OK and then make sure to SAVE! For more tips check out our past posts. As always, if you have questions about Canvas or other tech, please contact your Ed Tech TOSA.

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