Seesaw: End of Year

The end of the year is HERE! Teachers and students have worked hard in remote, hybrid, and concurrent settings during this school year. They have added so much valuable learning to their Seesaw portfolios. Below are some tips and tricks as we close the chapter to this year.  

Tip 1: Check your Account (Continuing in the District) 

  1. When you sign into Seesaw, tap your profile icon in the top left of the screen.
  2. Then Tap the gear icon, and select “Account Settings”.
  3. Under “Seesaw Plus”, click on “Manage Subscription. You should see that your status says “Seesaw for Schools”.

In addition, it is important to make sure you are connected to your school.

  1. First, tap your profile icon in the upper left again.
  2. Next, look all the way to the bottom and your school’s name should be showing.
  3. If it says select school, go ahead and choose that, then find your school.

Tip 2: Update your Account (Leaving the district-ONLY)  

 Seesaw content/activities created can be saved for future use. If leaving the district follow the steps below on or by end of day JUNE 17th , 2021.

  1. Change email in account profile from district email to personal email
  2. If personal email is already used with an account, enter another email address into Seesaw or contact Seesaw support to remove the account associated with your personal email and try adding to school profile again.
  3. If moving to a new district that also has Seesaw for Schools, enter new district email into profile. (This can be done later once teachers have placement- personal email works in the meantime) 
  4. Directions to Change Email: Click Here

Changing email to personal email to account profile, reverts account status to the free version of Seesaw. Therefore, teachers will not be able to additional activities (if over 100) or edit multiple page activities. Once account is linked back to a Seesaw for Schools subscription, additional activities and editing of multiple pages will resume.  

Tip 3: Leaving your Seesaw Class As Is.  

You do not need to do anything. Don’t archive your class or your students. 

Do Not Archive

The ISD Ed Tech Department will take care of everything for you.  After school is completed, your class will automatically be archived and a new class will be created for you before the beginning of next school year. Everything will be ready for you when you return in the Fall.  Please note teachers and students will have access to 2020-2021 classes until August 6th, see Ed Tech end of year checklist for more details.

Here are 3 things to avoid doing with your Seesaw class. 

  1. Don’t delete your students from your class 
  2. Don’t delete your class 
  3. Don’t turn off Family access if it is already turned on. 

Tip 4: Connect and Inform Families  

Students produced amazing work and added so much to their Seesaw portfolio this year. It is important to make sure that families are know how to connect to their student’s work, but also know how to access their student’s past work.  

To connect families:  Directions- Click Here
  1. Log into your Seesaw teacher account 
  2. Click +Families 
  3. Here you can manually connect family emails OR click “Share an Invite Link” and share the invite link with families  
To view past work as a student:  
  1. Sign in to Clever and click the Seesaw Icon 
  2. Click on your profile icon (top left). 
  3. Click on Past Work. 

Families may also choose to download a Zip file of their student work. Please note that if students have access to ISD Seesaw account, families can access student work via Past work. If a student leave the district, families may consider downloading a Zip file.  Directions- Click Here

Tip 5: Close the Chapter of this School Year right! 

After this ever-changing school year, it is important to give students an opportunity to reflect on their learning and experiences.  One idea to help students reflect is to create a “Best Of’ folder on Seesaw. Allow students to go back through a year’s worth of work and select items that they are most proud of. They can then tag them into the “Best Of” folder to view for later years to come. 

To learn how to make a “Best of” Folder

Give students other ways to ponder upon the year by assigning end of year activities. These activities could activate a time to reflect on academics, changes throughout the year, and the memories created. You could even assign activities to help students look forward into the summer and the next year!  

End of Year activities collection

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