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Seesaw is making Progress! A new and exciting feature was just made available for our Seesaw for Schools accounts. You may have noticed recently that there is a new tab on your Seesaw teacher dashboard called Progress.  

Progress is a great way for teachers to quickly track students’ activities throughout the week. Progress can even help teachers monitor student progress surrounding a specific skill or standard. Using the Progress tab on Seesaw is a time saver for checking in assignments and a quick way to see a glimpse of a student’s understanding of content skills throughout the week, month, or year.  

Once in the Progress tab, select between views either “Activities View” or “Skills View” and  select the date range you wish to view.  

Activities View

The activities tab is a great way to see a collection of activities students have been working on throughout the week or the month, depending on your date range. There are a few things to notice about the activities tab student status of the activity and the color coding. First, the status of the activity for each student is represented by either a solid green check, green check, yellow check or red circle. This shows the progress of that specific activity for that student. You can click directly on the activity and see the activity for the whole class or click on one of the status buttons to view that student’s work for a specific activity.   

Another great feature on the activities tab is the color coding. Who doesn’t love color coding? You will notice on your screen there are different color bars running horizontally and vertically. Horizontally (bars under the activity) is indicating the percentage of students who have completed a specific activity. You can also view the fraction above the colored bar to know exactly how many students out of your class have completed the activity. Bars running vertically are indicating the percentage of activities the specific student has completed. You can also view the fraction of activities the student has completed as well. 

If this viewing the whole class is overwhelming, you can use filters on the right side to narrow down your search. To select the filters such as students, folders, or simply click in the box and begin to type or use the drop-down arrow to select. You can add as many filters as you need in this section to ensure you see exactly what you are looking for.  

Activities Progress Report

One final feature, yet exciting feature, to point out on the activities tab is the Progress Report. By clicking on a student’s name, Seesaw will generate a progress report for that student within the date range selected. Here, you can see what activities have not been started, in draft form or have been completed. The awesome part is you can select “copy” and send a copy of the report to students or families. Within the report, student/families can see what activities the student has completed and which ones they still need to work on. The report also comes complete with LINKS! Students can click directly on the link in the report to be taken to the activity to complete. Reports are a great way to keep families and students up to date with work production for the week.  

Skills View

Using skills to progress monitor students on Seesaw just got easier! Skills on Seesaw can help teachers keep track of skills or standards that students may be working on. Teachers can tag activities with skills or standards, decide upon a scoring system 1,2,3,4 and a color scheme. Once a student completes an activity, the teacher can select the score for the skill or standard. Note: Skills are only visible to teachers.  

Through the Progress tab, teachers can toggle from Activities to Skills view and select a date range. This view offers a snapshot of each student’s progression related to the skills and standards set for the activity. Depending on the color scheme selected, teachers will see a variety of colored circles with stars indicating the skills/standards rating for each student. The number next to the colored star shows the number of activities in which the student has been given a score for that specific skill or standard. 

Skills Progress Report

Much like the progress report for activities, teachers can click on a student’s name and view a skills progress report. A teacher can then select “copy” at the bottom of the report to copy information to send to families/students. What a great way to keep families and students up to date on how their child is progressing through standards and skills.  

We are thrilled with these new features on Seesaw and hope teachers will be too! Give the Progress tab a try today! Happy See-sawing!  

For more on Seesaw’s Progress tab: Click here

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