Canvas + Betterizer = Better Comments Faster

So, first a shout out to Camille Wright, teacher and Skyward guru extraordinaire at Maywood Middle School for sharing this with our team.

Betterizer is a Chrome extension that works with Speedgrader in Canvas to help with stored comments. You can easily write five comments of your choice and with a quick click add them to your Canvas Speedgrader comments. Submit per usual and you are done. Here is a walkthrough on how to get the extension and how to use it.

Add the Extension to Chrome

  1. Search for Betterizer Extension
  2. Click “Add to Chrome”
  3. Confirm you want to add it
  4. Find it in your Chrome extension toolbar

Set up Betterizer

  1. Click the extension
  2. Open “Speedgrader” option
  3. Toggle off any options you do not want on
  4. Write your comments
  5. SAVE the comments

Using it with Canvas Speedgrader

  1. Open Canvas and find an assignment
  2. Launch Speedgrader
  3. From the comments section find the additional drop-down box
  4. Choose a comment
  5. Once chosen, it autofills in the Speedgrader comment box
  6. Click Submit to post the comment to the student submission
  7. For additional comments, refresh and follow steps 4-6 (thank you Erin Stephens).

You now have a great way to store comments that you use frequently. Consider ways of adding positive feedback and constructive feedback to each comment.

If you have other hacks for making Canvas work for you, please share them with your Ed Tech TOSA. As always, for support with using tech, please contact your Ed Tech Lead or TOSA.
  1. Erin Stephens March 8, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    You can also make a comment and refresh and then leave another comment.



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