Seesaw Updates, Oh My!

Teachers have spoken, and Seesaw has listened – get excited for some great updates! These features require a Seesaw app update (if you are using the app) for both students and families. If you are using the browser version, these features will be automatically updated and you are likely able to see them already. So… get those apps updated, and get excited!

Recording Audio

Audio supports are always excellent scaffolds for students – think vocabulary supports, quick directions, voice labels, translating words, and more. Of course, Seesaw has had the ability to add audio supports, but these have been new and improved in the recent updates.

Now, you can add voice to text/labels, shapes, and images! This means that each label, shape, or image can have its own audio support. New words, for example, can come with a pronunciation or a definition to help support learners in understanding and completing assignments. Each Seesaw page can have multiple audio files (up to 20). This also means that students can record their voice multiple times on a page when sharing their thoughts!

Image via Seesaw

To record voice, click on the item (text, shape, or image) and choose the three dots. You have the option now to record audio directly into the Seesaw canvas, or to upload an existing audio file that you have on your computer.

Updating from one audio file per page to the ability to upload 20 per page is a wonderful benefit. For asynchronous learning, this means that directions can be chunked into small steps alongside visuals for students, allowing them to follow along easily at their own pace!

Locking Size of Shapes, Images, & Text

Have you considered using Seesaw to create manipulatives? This could work for word study practice, geometry, science labels, and more! Now, you can lock the size of shapes, words, or icons but still allow for students to be able to move or sort them.

Image via Seesaw

To lock images, text, or shapes, click on the item and choose the three dots. You have the option now to lock the size of the item, or to “lock all” which will also lock the item in place. In the above image, the “o” “a” and “long a” are locked into place as headers. The other words are meant to be manipulatives, so the size is locked but students can drag them into the correct column.

See the full updates with this Seesaw brochure.

If you prefer to see these updates and see examples of these features in video format, click here!

Happy Seesaw-ing!

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