Unsync Canvas Assignments

The syncing dilemma of a new grading period in a yearlong course has now fully impacted all of our secondary teachers (with yearlong courses). As you go to sync the new Trimester or Semester, you are faced with a wall of assignments impeding your selection of current assignments. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, you finally find the one you were looking for. Worry no longer, we want to save your finger from scrolling pains.

We have a somewhat easy solution to remove those past assignments from your sync in just a couple of steps.

First, open Assignments and ideally, switch to the Trimester or Semester you are trying to unsync. You might need to check all grading periods for a few stragglers. Here is an example:

Now that you are looking at those assignments you are DONE with, you want to change the green sync icon to black which means “not syncing.”

Just a side note, you cannot unpublish assignments that students have interacted with. See my past post about unpublishing modules and gradebook organization for some tips on managing the yearlong content.

Now that you have unsynced the previous grading periods assignments, the next time you go to sync, you will only have the current Trimester/Semester assignments making it much easier to navigate and save your finger from scrolling fatigue.

Consider using this unsyncing tip as you wrap up assignments throughout the Trimester/Semester.

A special thanks to Camille Wright at MMS for the tip. For more helpful Canvas hints, please check our other posts and always feel free to contact your Ed Tech Lead or TOSA.


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