New Flair for 2021: Create Awesome Seesaw Announcements with Canva

Don’t you love when two of your favorite digital programs collaborate? First, we have Canva, which is a digital design program. You can use Canva to create stunning graphics, presentations, and logos. Canva has partnered with our beloved Seesaw in an #Appsmash to offer Seesaw Announcement Templates that you can customize at the click of a button! Get ready to amaze your students and families by taking your Seesaw Announcements up a notch.

Step 1: Explore Canva

You will need an account to access Canva, but it is free (you do not get access to every template with the free version, but it is plenty). Sign up with your email address to get started. Note that Canva is a teacher-only program, so you will not use this with students. Rather, you can use Canva to create content to share with students!

Consider welcoming students back to the New Year from winter break, announcing special events, or pushing out reminders to your students with a visually appealing graphic while modeling teacher creativity. If you are feeling bold, you can also use Canva to create templates to import into Seesaw Activities.

Once you’ve created a Canva account, simply search for “Seesaw” in the search bar to access the different templates offered. Select one by clicking on that template, which will create a version for you to edit. All Canva content is saved automatically to the cloud, so you can come back and continue editing your materials at any time!  

Step 2: Customize your Canva Template

If you’ve found an example that you like, click on any part of the template to edit. In the image below, I clicked into the text and began typing to change the text until the announcement template was customized to my liking.

Once ready, download the template as an image (I recommend a PNG format) and save it to your computer.

Step 3: Post your Canva Creation to Seesaw

When you’re ready to share what you have created in the form of a Seesaw Announcement, for example, simply add the image that you saved as an attachment. See what my sample looks like below.

If you are using the Seesaw Blog in your class and would like your visual to also appear on the blog, you can alternatively share it as a post, and then publish the post to your class blog. Who doesn’t want to start 2021 with fresh, creative ways of sharing information? The possibilities are endless for what you can create and share in a few clicks!

As always, happy Seesaw-ing!

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