Canvas and Kaltura

If you are a Zoom user, Kaltura just made everything a lot easier. Now you can record to the cloud and your videos will automatically be transferred to Canvas Instructor Media upon upload completion. There are some nuances to be aware of though regarding publishing, editing, and student access.

Instructor Media

Your first stop to access the zoom recording is “Instructor Media” located in Canvas Global Navigation. When you first access this you will need to authorize Kaltura.

Now that you have authorized Kaltura you can find videos from September 24th to now. Remember that the final video conversion email from Zoom is the trigger for the video to appear in Canvas. If you do not receive that email, check your computer for the video recording. You can also upload the video directly to Canvas.

Publishing Your Video:

Now you need to get the video to your students. Students cannot access videos from Instructor Media (even though it shows on their Course Navigation). They need to access it from the Course Video Gallery, so you will need to complete the following steps to provide them access.

  1. Click on the edit pencil for the video you want to publish
  2. Confirm from the first tab that the video has an easily identifiable name (Course, date, time, content). For example, “LA Oct 19 Outsiders Discussion.” Save if you have changed the title or description.
  3. From the Publish tab change from the default of “Private” to “Publish” and select courses you want the video to appear in. Once again “Save.”

Additional Video Considerations:

  • Options: Consider disabling comments
  • Collaboration: consider adding co-content teachers to share videos
  • Captions: Review them for mistakes or download them for supporting students
  • Attachments: Did you provide work to students, add an attachment here as well

Launch Editor & More

Do you need to trim a few minutes from your video? By launching the editor, you have more than just trimming available, you can add hotspots to your video (in original version) or create a quiz which creates a new version of the video to add quiz related questions. Creating a quiz will require you to publish the new version and consider adding available dates.

Student Access to Videos

Students will access the videos from your Course and the Course Video Gallery. Your students need to complete the following steps to be successful:

  1. They need to add their ISD email to Canvas settings. Kaltura is an external app and this is a MUST in order to access the videos as it is how they are authorized to view them. Here are directions for students to follow.
  2. Students also need to authorize Kaltura the first time they access it.
  3. Now students should be able to see your course videos.

For support, please ask the student about email first and then how they are accessing. Many are clicking “Instructor Media” and they will be denied access. Remind them to access directly from your course.

Adding Kaltura Capture Content

In addition to Zoom recordings, Kaltura has other amazing features such as Express Capture which is similar to Canvas’s video recording media. You can capture a recording of just you talking to your webcam. This is great for direct communication.

The other great option is Kaltura Capture. This will require a download to your computer, but it is a screen recording option with the ability to do screen and camera at the same time. It is easy to use and once the content is created you can easily upload it to your Instructor Media.

You will follow the same publishing options as your other videos above. One additional feature when you record using a PowerPoint, the capture will create bookmarks for each slide. Students will have the option of moving between the two video feeds as well, highlighting either the screen or webcam recording as needed. Learn more about Kaltura Capture and recording here.

For an example of a Kaltura screen recording, check out the Canvas Teacher 101 Course Video Gallery.

As always, for support using kaltura or any other tech tools, please contact your Ed Tech TOSA.

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