Canvas Quizzes: Extra Time and Tries

As we are learning more about Canvas each week, from use and from collaboration and chatting with our fellow teachers, we would like to highlight some of those learnings. A special thank you to Kristie Bennett at Skyline High School for her contribution to the BNP this week and sharing her insights to quizzes and how to give students extra time and/or extra tries.

Adding Extra Time and Tries to Canvas Quizzes

  • In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.
  • Open the quiz you wish to modify
  • To add extra time or an extra attempt for one student:
    • Click the Moderate This Quiz link.

Locate the student and click the Edit icon [1]. You can also filter students in your course by using the Search People field [2].

Type the number of extra attempts you’d like to give to the student in the Extra Attempts field [1]. You can also extend the time for the student by entering the number of extra minutes in the Extra Minutes field [2].

  • If your quiz is locked because of accessibility dates, you will need to unlock the quiz for the student by clicking the manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt checkbox [3].
    • Click the Save button.
    • Additional Options:
      • If the student hasn’t taken the quiz, the extra time will be added to the student’s initial attempt and additional attempts. Learn more about managing extra time in timed quizzes.
      • If the quiz is saved with the Only Once After Each Attempt option, you can let the student see the quiz results one more time. Results include both their responses and the correct answers. Once the student has viewed the quiz results, the results view extension will be reset and the results will be hidden again. Learn more about limiting quiz results.
    • Notes:
      • The Extra Attempts field only displays for quizzes that have set the number of attempts allowed for students.
      • If a quiz requires an access code, students will still need to enter that code to begin their quiz attempt after it has been manually unlocked.
      • Quiz availability dates still apply when moderating a quiz. If the Until date passes before a student completes their extra attempt, any in-progress quizzes auto-submit and the quiz closes, even if the student’s attempt has not expired.
  • To add an extra attempt or extra minutes for multiple students:
    • If you want to select multiple students, click the checkbox [1] next to each of their names. If you want to select all students, click the top checkbox [2]. Click Change Extensions for Selected Students button [3].

For more support please contact your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA. You can find posts about Canvas on the BNP as well.

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