Canvas Gradebook – Understanding the Color Coding

Canvas has color-coding to help you know when an assignment is late, excused, dropped, resubmitted or missing. The colors are very light pastels that can be difficult to read. Well, keep reading on how you can change the colors to be more bold and to help identify the categories based on your color preferences.

First, you need to know what each of the color’s means and how to find them. From Grades in Canvas, Choose “View” and then “Statuses.” You will now be able to see which each color means.

Now that we know what they mean, let’s rethink the colors. From the 3 more dots, you can now select a new color.

Some of the colors are very similar, so choose more bold colors or ones that you prefer so that they stand out better. Here is a tool that will help you determine HTML color codes. Find a color you like copy the #code and paste it into Canvas replacing the previous color code. Make sure to click Apply. Once done, you will have much brighter, bolder colors to help distinguish the difference between missing and dropped or resubmitted and late.

For more tips on Canvas, check out these other tool bits.

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