Canvas External Tools Rubric Workaround

You want the best of both worlds – to use an external tool integration for your assignment, but to grade it with a rubric! I am hoping with voting up, this will soon become a seamless work path in Canvas, but until then, there is a workaround. Thank your summer instructors Erin Kwok and Chris May for finding this so that we can merge two of our favorite assignment aspects of Canvas.

BEFORE making an external tool submission type in Canvas, you will want to “create” your assignment choosing another submission type such as “online.” Here are the steps to this workaround:

  1. Create a new assignment (from assignments or modules)
  2. Title your assignment, add directions, add your points and grading info
  3. Under submission type choose “online” and check “text box” (we will change this in a minute)
  4. Choose your Sync to SIS option
  5. Choose who receives this assignment (Everyone, section, or individual)
  6. Set your dates
  7. SAVE (don’t save and publish yet)
  8. Now you are at the assignment screen and can click + Rubric
    • Search for a rubric from your course or other courses you are a teacher of
    • Create the rubric right here
    • Add outcomes
  9. After selecting or creating your rubric, make sure to choose “use this rubric for assignment grading”canvas grade with rubric
  10. Update the rubric
  11. Now it is time for the workaround…Choose “edit”
  12. Return to submission type and now you change it to “External Tool”
  13. Choose the external tool you’d like to work with (Flipgrid, Turnitin, Office, etc.) and complete the steps for that particular external tool
  14. Save (or Save and Publish) the assignment
  15. No rubric? That’s okay, it will appear in Speedgrader
  16. Grade per usual

Canvas view rubric

For more support using Canvas or tools within Canvas, please ask your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA. More coming on the BNP soon.


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