Celebrate National Poetry Month

Next week kicks off Poetry Month! This is a perfect invitation to be creative and reflective. Here are just a few of the ways that you can celebrate.


National Poetry Month

One way to celebrate is to share a focus poem for the day! You can either share one of your own, or visit Favorite Poem Project, where authors recite their favorite poems orally. As an extension, encourage students to create their own poems, and even share them through one of our digital tools, such as Seesaw, Adobe Spark, or Flipgrid!


If you’re looking for poems, see this list from for a list of suggested famous poems as a wonderful place to begin sharing poetry as a community.


ReadWriteThink has a calendar and bank of lesson ideas to support Poetry Month. Check it out!


Finally, consider these Seesaw Activities that support Poetry Month:


Search the Seesaw Activity Library for more!


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