Reflect Quickly With Seesaw’s Chrome Extension

Being able to reflect on their learning in Seesaw can be very powerful.  Seesaw has some great creative tools like the drawing and highlighter tools, voice or video to explain something, or importing pictures or other files.  There is so much that can be done in Seesaw for students to reflect on their work.

If you are using a Chrome Browser on a desktop or laptop computer, Seesaw has recently made it possible to add the power of reflection to work from any website in just two clicks of the mouse. The Seesaw Chrome Extension gives students an easy and quick way to add layers of creative thinking and reflection on any information they find on any website. Students use this extension to capture work from their browser window and drop it right into the Creative Canvas in Seesaw for annotation and reflection.  Check it out.

Add the Seesaw Chrome Extension to Google Chrome Browser:

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 9.22.15 PM

Capture Selected Area from Desired Website:

Untitled_ Oct 23 2019 9_49 PM - Edited - Edited.gif

Reflect using the Seesaw Creative Tools:


Students can add as much to their reflection as they would like.  Or you as the teacher can set some parameters depending on the assignment.  Either way, the process is just a couple of clicks.

You can learn more about Seesaw by clicking below.  Happy Seesaw-ing!

Tool Bits Click Here - Seesaw

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