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Classroom Hacks – Tips for Managing Devices From Stephanie

The classroom hack that I am sharing is all about managing technology in your classroom. For managing computers, here are some hacks in making it run more smoothly. 

  1. Number your computers or make sure your computer carts have clear numbers for students to see. Then assign students a number. This can be done with a printed class roster and numbered list. This helps with profiles and computer storage. Each time a new student logs into the computer, it creates a new profile (downloads a desktop and their specific info), which takes storage on the computer. Eventually it can run out, so limiting the number of students signing-on can help with this issue and keep the computers running more quickly. 
  1. Another way to help with computer management is student helpers. Assign one or two students to be computer monitors and they can make sure they are being put away properly (correct number slot, being plugged in, tidying cords, etc.). It provides a great way to have students be more vested in the computers they are using and learn the best-practices for using computers as well. 
  1. Consider putting photos on the carts of what it should look like, this way students have a visual model of what a cart should look like. 
  1. If you are interested in having computers out the whole day and not having students put them away each period, consider numbering desks and then assigning a computer to the desk. You will want to go over this protocol with students so they know that they cannot just take a computer from any desk. Having clearly marked desks and computers can help this process.  


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