Seesaw and Classkick: What Are the Differences?

Classkick is one of our core tools that is taking off! Because it is an easy-to-use digital tool that allows teachers to view and give feedback easily, you might be wondering how it is different than Seesaw. While the two tools overlap in many ways and both would bring immense value to your teaching, there are subtle differences that might determine when you would select one over the other. Check out this teacher feature to see how Mrs. Moon at Discovery Elementary integrates Classkick into math workshop stations. With easy sign-in codes, getting your students started on either platform is a breeze!

The infographic below demonstrates some of the quick ways to tell the difference between two of our frequently-used tools:

Click here to see the complete, high resolution version of the infographic: Seesaw Classkick

To sum up, Seesaw and Classkick have many similarities! It all depends on whether you’d like to showcase student work (and the learning process) in a student journal through Seesaw, or whether you’d like to give feedback (and/or assign points) directly to the student via Classkick. Considering your intended audience, and intended goals of the assignment/project, will be key.

If you want more information or support in using one of these tools, contact your Ed Tech TOSA!

  1. Seesaw actually can do all the things you mentioned that Classkick can do. Seesaw can assign activities, see the whole class at a glance to see who made submissions, etc.


    1. Aly Rumberger May 15, 2019 at 11:19 am

      Definitely! They are similar in many ways. Giving assignment feedback on Classkick is slightly different, with more grading options built-in. To me, the other main difference is parent access in regards to activities. Both are great options!


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