Classkick: Simple, Effective Strategies

With so many interesting technology tools to choose from, I often find real-life examples helpful. For that reason, I look for specific teaching strategies when attempting to tackle a new idea. Speaking of which, this is why the Bits & Pieces is working to highlight more of our own ISD teachers using tech in engaging and effective ways!

Classkick: Real-Life Examples

I’ve written about differentiation in the past as a clear benefit to using Classkick, but this Classkick blog post highlights student voice around differentiation with explicit examples. In this post, students like the ability to move through assignments at their own pace. The hand raising feature signals electronically to their teacher that they need assistance or have a question, but they can continue working on other parts without physically waiting for a check-in.

Giving feedback, of course, is another key component of differentiation and a clear benefit to Classkick. Classkick makes this simple by allowing teachers to create stickers that can easily be matched to assignments. The stickers can give points, verbal feedback, etc. and can be created ahead of time! Combined with more extensive, individualized feedback – these stickers can consistently help point students to the right track. More information on stickers can be found by clicking on this blog post.

Remember, Classkick can also be used during small group instruction! With a weekly code, Classkick assignments are easy to access and view.


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