Create New Files Right From OneDrive

Do you sometimes have trouble remembering where your documents or files are saved?

If so, you should try making new documents right in OneDrive online.

They make it easy and it has the benefit of storing that file in whatever folder you are looking at in OneDrive.

It’s so easy, that you just may want to consider setting OneDrive as your Start Page in Office 365 so that you can get to your files easily and also make new ones with alacrity.

Read below for directions on how to create documents and files right from OneDrive.

  1. Select New, and then choose the type of document you want to create, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.Screenshot of selecting the New menu to create a new document in OneDrive for BusinessThe new document opens in the Office Online program you selected. For example, selecting Word document opens Word Online.

    Tip: There’s no save button, because the document is saved for you automatically.


  2. To rename the document, click its name in the title bar, type the new name you want, and then press ENTER.Clicking the title bar to change the name of a document Word Online
  3. When you’re done and you want to go back to where the file is saved, click your name, next to the file name.

    (Or, click the Back button in your browser to go back to where your document is saved. If you click Back, click Refresh to see your new document in the file list.)

Tip:  If you want access to all app features, you can switch to the full Office app. For example, in Word Online, click Open in Word to continue working on the document in Word.

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