ITP – What Will You Get?

We are less than one week away from the deadline for applying to 2019-2020 ITP (Monday, February 11.)

While we are still finalizing the final equipment allocation, we want to be clear about the different equipment that participants will receive.

ITP has always been focused on helping students grow in using technology to support powerful learning.

However, we were always limited in the number of student devices we were able to offer to teachers.

That all changed last year.

We are now able to offer a class set of laptops to teachers of grades 3-12 (teachers of grades 3-5 get 25 and teachers of grades 6-12 get 32.)

What this means is that for students whose teacher participate in ITP, they will always have access to a computer and teachers are able to fully develop instruction with technology.

For our teachers of kindergarten through second grade, things are a little different.

K-2 teachers who attend ITP will receive 7 iPads and a set of programmable devices such as BeeBots or Lego WeDo. While not a one-to-one environment, this pathway still provides opportunities for our younger students to grow their learning using familiar and comfortable technology


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