Ready for some Office updates! 

Immersive Reader, already a great tool in its own right has received some updates making it even better. The translator option is now available in Word,  OneNote, Outlook online, Teams and Flipgrid. In addition to translating into languages by word or whole text, Immersive Reader is now able to speak the language of math. After selecting an equation, launching the math button will give step-by-step solutions to solving the problem.

The desktop version of Immersive Reader will have more enhanced features such as the line reader enabled for 1, 3, or 5 lines of text. Students will also be able to change the background color of their text, which is especially helpful for students who have vision problems or trouble focusing when reading online texts. Often having a contrasting background helps focus the text.

Immersive Reader is not the only tool getting some updates, One Note and Word online now will have a dictation mode for students who struggle with typing. They can now dictate their notes and assignments directly into their OneNote.

For more information on these updates and more, check out the Microsoft Tech Community.

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